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What's one thing we can all agree we universally hate?


This morning we have been talking about the things we universally HATE! All of this is in response to this list of the top things EVERYONE HATES!

Crash-Mosquitoes, AJ-Wet Toilet seats& Cancer, Producer X- I4 Traffic or just Traffic in general.

This list put out is below

1. Loud chewing. Everyone hates it. But if it makes you ANGRY, you might have a condition called misophonia

2. Slow walkers. Especially when you're behind them on the sidewalk and can't pass.

3. Group texts with too many people. So there's a "ding" ever five seconds.

4. Being told to "calm down." It almost always has the opposite effect.

5. Talking during movies. It's surprising how many people do it.

6. People who clip their nails in public. Do it on your own time. Don't make me watch.

7. Close talkers. Especially during a pandemic.

8. Drivers who don't use turn signals. It's for everyone's safety, not just yours.

9. Slow internet. Even if it slows down for a minute, we're enraged.

10. Couples who argue in front of their friends. It makes everyone uncomfortable. Especially if they try to get you to pick sides, or back them up. 

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