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A Company Called Meta PCs Will Sell Name to Zuckerberg for $20 Million

A Tech Company Called Meta PCs Will Sell the Name to Mark Zuckerberg

For $20 Million!

A company called Meta PCs may have beaten MARK ZUCKERBERG to the trademark on the word "Meta". But they're willing to sell it to him for $20 million. Zuckerberg reportedly thinks he has the rights to use it for his purposes, though.

MARK ZUCKERBERG's brilliant plan to change his company's name to Meta may have been premature. It turns out there's already a company called Meta PCs and back in August, they filed to trademark the word "Meta" for computers, laptops, tablets, software, and other tech-related uses.

Their application hasn't been approved yet, but if there's any fairness in the world, they should get it, since they filed first and apparently with no knowledge of Zuckerberg's plan to use the term.

Now, Mark may not have to worry the founders of Meta PCs are willing to give him the name. For $20 MILLION. In a series of tweets the founder of Meta PC's Zack Shutt has been trolling Facebook and Meta on twitter even going as far as sending out custom PC's with Zuckerberg's face on the packaging

But this might not be the gravy train they're hoping it is. A so-called "source" says Zuckerberg thinks he has the necessary rights to use the term "Meta" for his purposes. But hey, Meta PCs has actually seen a 5,000% increase in social media followers since Facebook's announcement which isn't bad.  And they're already taking advantage of that larger social media presence.

Meta PCs founder ZACK SHUTT posted a photoshopped meme of Zuckerberg holding one of their computers during his big Facebook announcement and also made an "announcement" of his own, which you can watch in his tweet below.

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