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Drunk Driver Tried to Set Up Ice Fishing Shack on an Unfrozen Lake

ONLY in Wisconsin!

Cops in Wisconsin posted a photo after a drunk guy apparently tried to set up his ice shack on a lake that wasn't frozen over yet. It shows his truck connected to an ice shack trailer, and both are half-submerged in water. They arrested him for drunk driving.

We don't know if any amount of Alcohol can be blamed for this

Police in northwest Wisconsin posted a photo on Facebook last week . . . after a drunk guy apparently tried to set up his ice fishing shack on a lake that WASN'T FROZEN yet.

In a Facebook post Police say temperatures had dipped down below freezing for a few nights in a row, and there was a little frost on the ground. But it wasn't nearly cold enough for the lake to freeze up.

The photo shows the guy's ice shack trailer still hitched to his truck. His truck AND the trailer are both half-submerged in the water. And it looks like there's no ice at all, just water.

Police said that they, quote, "love ice fishing as much as everyone" but they wanted to be clear that the ice is NOT ready yet.

The guy who did it is okay, but was arrested for drunk driving. It's not clear if they were able to salvage his ice shack, or his truck. 

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