Florida or Not Florida: Naked and Ready for a fight

The best way to avoid any fight is...BE NAKED

Our superstar today is Charles Kendrick from Rhode Island and was minding his own business playing some Grand Theft Auto at 2AM when he heard a noise, only to find out that a man was trying to steal the catalytic converter. off his car.

A man in Rhode Island named Charles Kendrick was up at 2:00 A.M. last Wednesday playing "Grand Theft Auto". Oh, and he was NAKED at the time.

Charles confronted the thief, and they fought. The thief eventually got away WITH the catalytic converter

but Charles got the guy's phone, and has since given it to police. As far as we know, the thief hasn't been caught.

Charles said, "I don't think he was expecting to get caught and he definitely wasn't expecting to get caught by somebody naked." 

We are now at 1 Day Since Florida was a national embarrassment

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