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Last minute Father's Day gift ideas

Happy Father's Day!

Dads are always the WORST to shop for. If you're struggling here are a few ideas.

1. Doing something special with the family, like a hike or going to a pool. A separate Father's DaypollALSO found that's #1 this year.

2. A card. It actually tied for first place.

3. Clothes.

4. Something homemade. Especially dads with young kids.

5. Tools.

6. Electronics.

7. Something related to one of his hobbies.

8. A gift certificate for something fun.

9. Having the day to himself. One in nine dads want everyone to leave them alone.

10. Food, beer, wine, or liquor.

So, if you really wanna treat dad this year hand him something and let him nap in his chair with golf on in the background.

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