Frustrated Neighbors Throw Sweet 16 Party For Decaying, Abandoned House

Homeowners in a neighborhood in Louisiana decided to throw a 16th birthday party for a home in the area—but the theme of the party was “Sweet 16 and Never Been Fixed.”

The house being “celebrated” has reportedly not been lived in, or tended to, for 16 years. A neighbor told the local news outlet that the concern is black mold, and a pool filled with water that will lead to “another mosquito infestation.”

Despite efforts from that neighbor and others, the house still sits in disrepair. The homeowner reportedly lives elsewhere in the city and only performs minor upkeep on the property when a citation is issued.

The neighbors hope that the party will bring attention to the situation and force the absent owner to either sell or tear down the property.

Source: Fox

Article Pic: Getty Images