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The Most Embarrassing Things That Happen on Dates Is Amusing & Embarrassing

As dating in real life starts to come back, there are a few things on this list that single people have to start worrying about again . . .

Almost half of us have had something humiliating happen on a date, according to a recent poll. Here are the ten most embarrassing things that happen regularly . . .

1. Awkward silences.

2. Forgetting the person's name.

3. Going in for a hug or kiss at the wrong time.

4. Falling over in your chair.

5. Spilling a drink on yourself.

6. Spilling food on yourself.

7. You're on a date, and you bump into your ex.

8. Calling your date the wrong name.

9. Telling a joke that doesn't land.

10. Passing gas, and they notice.

A few more that made the top 20: Food in your teeth . . . burping . . . spilling on THEM . . . and laughing at something that wasn't supposed to be a joke. 

Source: Express
Article Pic: Getty Images

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