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A Study of Men's Junk Found "Big Nose, Big Hose" Is True

Men with big noses might have an extra pep in their step today and maybe a sore back from something ELSE they've been lugging around.

A new study found guys who have a huge schnoz are also more likely to be above average BELOW THE BELT.

Researchers in Japan looked into it. And our favorite part of this study is that the actual scientific paper they put out uses the term "big nose, big HOSE."

They found the link by examining over 125 CORPSES. Men with noses that were 1.8 inches long had an average below-the-belt length of 4.1 inches. And for men with 2.2-inch noses, it was 5.3 inches.

They also found that the size of a man's nose is more closely related to the size of their junk than pretty much anything else, including how big their feet are.

They're still not sure why the two measurements are related, and it was a fairly small study that only looked at men in Japan. So more research is needed. 

In case you're wondering, a guy in Turkey holds the record for world's longest nose at just under 3.5 inches from bridge to tip.

Source: NY Post/BMC

Article Pic: Getty Images

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