These are the Colors That Do the Best/Worst Job of Holding a Cars Value.

If you want to get the most $$$ for a car when you sell it one day, Here is a guide to work off of.

A new study looked at which car colors hold a cars value the best over three years. And yellow cars sell for the highest average price of any color. Yellow cars only lose an average of 20.4% of their value

The rest of the top five colors that hold their value the best are: Beige . . . orange . . . green . . . and gray. Personally I was not expecting to see that but these are the rest of the top five car colors that help a car keep its value: 

Beige . . . orange . . . green . . . and gray.

These are the colors to avoid if you don't plan on keeping the car forever or maybe re-selling.  . . . GOLD cars lose more than double that of Yellow cars over a 3 year span, at a 45.6%.loss!!

The rest of the five worst colors are: Brown . . . purple . . . black . . . and white. (I See Cars)

Photo by Getty Images