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Your Dentist Can Tell If You've Been Doing Naughty Things

When your dentist is all up in your mouth, it turns out they're learning WAY more about you than just your flossing habits.

Believe it or not, your dentist can tell if you've been performing a certain mouth-based act on a gentleman, or multiple gentlemen, thanks to a specific spot in your mouth.

This sounds like a myth, and that's what most people thought when someone on TikTok posted a video about it a week ago. Quote, "Just found out the dentist can find out whether someone has given [brain emoji] or not, I'm screaming."

But it's TRUE. Some dentists and hygienists have posted responses saying yes, they know. When you've been doing that fairly regularly, there's some bruising on the soft palate in the roof of your mouth. The bruising isn't harmful, but it's a giveaway.

Fortunately, one dentist said, quote, "[your] secret is safe with us."

However, if they suspect abuse, that's a situation where they WILL get involved. 

Source: Buzzfeed

Article Pic: Getty Images

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