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Star Goddess 1-11: Mars In Taurus is Good for some ..Challenging for others

Mars is ego, Taurus is angry. This looks to be the start of something good for some signs and the start for challenging times for others.

Cap- make money with something you enjoying do. Crafting, etc. fertile time physically and child of mind. 

Aquarians- tough energy. Changes at home that half to occur. Cut loose the things that are not working. 

Pieces- great energy. Day to day living. Spent a lot of money last 6 months- it ends. Apace of day to day living picks up. Short duration travel. brand new start in April/ May. 

Aries- fixing to spend a boat load of money over next 6 weeks on un-anticipated expenses. Fix it right the 1sttime. 

Taurus- fired up. Feel pos! make things happen. Energy to get it done. Taurus has ability to say what it is they think. 

Gemini- rough energy. Behind the scenes. You do yourself in. you’ll go down in flames. What are the less desirable characteristics I have and how can I modify them 

Cancer- great energy. Harmonious angle. Well placed female friends & colleges that help. Reach for the brass ring. 

Leo- career & public standing. Professional report card. Don’t get into any fights your not expressly invited to attend. 

Virgo- great energy. Ask for something in person. Contracts/ school matters all go favorably. 

Libra- capitalize on other’s resources. Lot of expenditures. Something new comes to light, a piece of info they needed to have, and they get to play it. Medical stuff isn’t as bad as you’ll think it is. 

Scorpio- people pointing the finger at you. Assume leadership. You’ll have to accept the fact you’re responsible and do your job. 

Sag- more work. Not difficult stuff. You’ve been preparing. Will payoff and bring a good result. 

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