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Guy Kicks in Former Coworker's Door for Not Accepting Friend Request

Today's Superstar of Florida Or Not Florida is 29-year-old Caleb Burczyk. Caleb used to work at an oil well maintenance company with a 39-year-old guy named Robert Thomas, but Caleb was laid off.

So last month, he sent a Facebook friend request to Robert, but Robert didn't accept it. Caleb started sending Facebook messages to Robert telling him to accept . . . including one that said, quote, "Accept my friend request or I'm going to murder you."

And the day after Christmas, Caleb went to Robert's house and KICKED IN the front door.

One of Robert's family members called 911, and Caleb was arrested for burglary and terrorizing. 

So tell us, is this Florida or Not Florida???


Williston, North Dakota

Source: The Smoking Gun

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