Justice Department Has Issued A Warning About Fake 'Mask Exempt' Cards

The Department of Justice is warning that a card circulating online, claiming its holder is lawfully exempt from wearing a mask, is fake.

The ficticious card states that wearing a mask will incur mental or physical risk for the holder. The card also deems that the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids raising questions about the health condition associated with mask usage, and warns penalties from $75,000- $150,000 may be deemed if a business owner does not act accordingly.

Some versions of the card appear to bear an official looking Justice Department insignia. The DOJ is firing back, saying, "These postings were not issued by the Department and are not endorsed by the Department."

Full warning HERE.

The department also said not to rely on information included on the card and instead to visit the Americans with Disabilities Act website.

Fyll story at the source: NPR

Thumbnail Pic: Getty Images