Naked Couple Gets Into Fight in Mall Parking Lot Over "Pee Napkin"

Late on Sunday night, cops got a call about a fight in the parking lot of a mall. And when they got there, they found a couple, quote, "naked within the car and wrestling with each other."

The cops separated them and questioned them to find out what happened.

The couple has been together for six months, they'd been drinking, and they decided to have sex in the car.

And afterwards, the woman went outside of the car to PEE, and she used a napkin to wipe. Then she, quote, "accidentally threw the napkin" on her boyfriend. They started arguing, and then fighting.

The cops determined that the guy started fight . . . even though it was his response to the pee napkin.

So tell us, was htis Florida or Not Florida???


That's TWO Florida stories this week. #facepalm.

Meanwhil 21-year-old Robert Janisch was arrested for domestic battery for his violent response to getting a "pee napkin" thrown on him. Robert is NOT a Floridan btw. He's from Minnesota.

Source: The Smoking Gun

Mugshot: Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

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