Rolling Stone Releases List of the 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time

A lot of the greatest music acts of all time hit the ground running with amazing debut albums. Some others just peaked early and faded off in the distance. 

Rolling Stone put together a list of the 100 best debut albums of all time. It looks like they made an effort to include a lot of different genres, but rock albums dominated the top 10.

Below are some notable rock entries.


94.‘The Who Sings My Generation, The Who, 1965

85.Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine, 1992

79.Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley, 1956

72.Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin, 1969

68.Talking Heads: 77, Talking Heads, 1977

54.Kill ‘Em All, Metallica, 1983

47.Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd, 1967

46.Ten, Pearl Jam, 1991

44.Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, 1970

35.Weezer (The Blue Album), Weezer, 1994

34.The Doors, The Doors, 1967

33.Hot Fuss, The Killers, 2004

27.Van Halen, Van Halen, 1978

17.Please Please Me, The Beatles, 1963

12.The Clash, The Clash, 1979

8.Is This It, The Strokes, 2001

7.Nevermind the Bullocks, The Sex Pistols, 1977

5.The Velvet Underground and Nico, The Velvet Underground, 1967

4.Appetite for Destruction, Guns ’N Roses, 1987

3.Are You Experienced, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, 1967

2.The Ramones, The Ramones, 1976

1.Licensed to Ill, Beastie Boys, 1986

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