Scammer Who Was Passing Bad Checks Was Getting Scammed Himself

73-year-old Spence Sims from Arco, Idaho was recently arrested for passing more than $47,000 worth of bad checks.

He wound up getting around $26,000 in cash before the credit union caught on and stopped payment.

When the cops dug into it, they realized what he was using the money for, and that it too was a scam!

Spence had met a woman from Malaysia on the dating site Plenty of Fish, and she convinced him that she just needed to pay $25,000 to the Malaysian government so they'd release, quote, "several million dollars" of hers that they were holding.

And whaddya know, after he sent her the money, she did NOT send him his cut of the millions. :(

He's facing three felony charges of drawing checks without funds, which could give him up to nine years in prison and a $150,000 fine. 

Source: East Idaho News

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