Taylor Swift Fans Just Learned This Band Tool, and Now They're Losing It

Unsurprisingly, Taylor Swift’s new album Lover landed at #1 on the Billboard album charts. Lover, Swift’s sixth #1 record, has produced the biggest week of sales for any album since Swift's last album came out back in 2017.

Swift's fans expected she’d hold onto the #1 spot on the charts for at least another week or two. But now she’s fighting a battle with an enemy most of her fans have never even heard of: Tool.

Tool’s first album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum, put up some big numbers in its first week, and is predicted by Forbes to make of up to 300,000 sales in the US. 

That would give Maynard Keenan and the rest of Tool comfortably ahead of Swift. 

Swift fans (who don't seem to be too familiar with Tool) are now losing their minds on social media over the prospect of Lover getting knocked off the charts.

Read some of those posts below.

WARNING: Some of These Tweets Contain NSFW Language

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