A Bills Player Actually Wants to Wear O.J. Simpson's Number?

O.J. Simpson was an outstanding football player for the Buffalo Bills back in the '70s. And he also murdered two people- allegedly. Then he did 10 years for armed robbery.

So, is it strange that a Bills player would actually WANT to wear O.J.'s number?

Running back Senorise Perry just signed with the Bills a couple months ago, and when he saw that O.J. Simpson's old number, '#32' was available, he thought, 'Hey, why not?'

He said, quote, "I thought it was retired, but then I was told it was available . . . Boom, I took it. I know the situation. I know that greatness comes with that number, playing in Buffalo. But I'm willing to take anything that comes my way.

"I'm going into my sixth year, and I know what it takes to get in this league and stay here. With that number on my back, I know I'm doing well for my family." 

Senorise Perry has a history of wearing #32, from his time at Louisville, to his rookie year with the Chicago Bears.

This will be the first time in 42 years that a Bills player has worn #32.

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