Man Facing a Racism Lawsuit Says He Can't Be Racist Cause His Dog Is Black

78-year-old John Naisbitt was a school bus driver in West Point, Utah.

Back in February, he closed the doors as a biracial 14-year-old kid was getting off the bus. The kid's backpack got stuck, and John drove off anyway. The kid was dragged about 150 feet before John stopped and opened the doors.

Now the kid's mom is SUING John and the school district. She says John did it because of, quote, "racial animus" toward her son. She pointed at two other incidents where he was accused of racism in the past few years.

But John says he's NOT racist. And his proof? Quote, "Look at my dog. He's as black as could be." That's right: He says he can't be racist because his dog is black.

The kid's mom isn't looking for money in the lawsuit, she just wants the district to take some kind of disciplinary action against John and for criminal charges to be filed.

John retired from driving shortly after the incident. 

Source: CNN

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