Guy on Meth Thought Husband Was Kidnapped, Accidentally Gets Him Arrested

48-year-old Victor Hensley was out and about last week, and his husband didn't know where he was.

So the husband jumped to the conclusion that he'd been KIDNAPPED, and reported it police.

When cops showed up, they realized the husband was acting weird, like he was on drugs. Cops asked if he'd taken anything, and he said meth. 

Victor, the "missing" husband, got home while the cops were still there and confirmed he hadn't been kidnapped. He said he was just at the store grabbing a drink, but that might have been a lie, because he may have been out dealing drugs.

Cops searched Victor's bag and found six hypodermic needles, a pipe, and several bags of meth. He claimed it belonged to the husband, but they arrested HIM. He's facing charges for possession and paraphernalia. 

Any idea where in Florida this happened?


Source: TC Palm

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