Scientists Gene-Spliced Human & Monkey Genes to Create Super-Smart Monkeys

For the first time ever, scientists in China have combined human genes with MONKEY genes to create super-smart monkeys, just like"Planet of the Apes".

They did it by splicing in human brain genes. Then they tested the monkeys to see how much smarter they were. And it looks like it DID affect their overall brainpower.

Their brains didn't get bigger, but they did better on memory tests. And their brains took longer to develop, just like the brains of human children.

It's not a big enough difference to make any sort of impact right now, but one expert at the University of Colorado describes it as a, quote, "slippery slope."

Source: MIT Technology Review with a video of an altered monkey.

The Trailer from Rise of the Planet of the Apes below.

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