Drunk Guy Dared His Mom to Run Him Over, She Does

Another Superstar of Florida or Not Florida is NOT the 37 year drunk who still lives at home with his parents, but rather his MOTHER who had enough.

On Monday, he wouldn't stop drinking so she decided it was time for him to live elsewhere. Rather than kick him out with no where to go, she made arrangements for him to stay with a friend and even offered to drive him.

But he wouldn't get in her SUV. 

Instead, he laid down in the driveway and dared her to run him over. Guess what happened next....

Yep. She did it.

Her two-ton Ford Explorer crushed his pelvis, and he ended up needing surgery. But he's listed in fair condition.

The mom is 58-year-old Cynthia Grund, and she's facing charges for second-degree assault and reckless driving. And believe it or not, she's NOT the craziest person in her family. And neither is the son.

It turns out Cynthia is the sister of a woman named Lois Riess, who's currently facing MURDER charges in Florida for killing her husband. And also for killing some woman who looked like her and stealing her identity. 

And no, this was NOT FLORIDA. It happened in Minnesota.

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