Grandma Beats Up Machete Wielding Thieves With A Scooter

A couple of guys wearing clown masks and wielding machetes rolled up on a couple sitting in their truck in front of their house.

One of the clowns approached the driver's side of the truck and held a machete to the driver's neck and said, “You’re gonna give it up, or I’m gonna cut you."

The driver fought back and told his wife, who was sitting in the passenger seat, to get out and find a weapon. That's when she saw her granddaughter's scooter in the front yard.

She grabbed the scooter, started swinging, and nailed both of the clowns.

The husband was then able to take the machete away, and the couple was able to hold the thiefs down until the police came.

The clowns, Jose Noel Lugo, 35, and Luis Jiminez, 32, are facing aggravated robbery charges, with bond set at $100,000 apiece.

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