McDonald's Gold Card Gets You Free Food For Life


If you love McDonald's and always dreamed of being able to eat it for FREE, well here is your chance.

McDonald's will be giving away one Gold Card that will give the holder 2 free meals every week food for 50 years, which means, pretty much for the rest of their life.

The value is estimated to be around $36,400, or $7 per meal. 

You can enter this contest one time per day by ordering food on the McDonald's mobile app beginning FRIDAY August 10th @ 12 a.m. through August 24th @ 11:59 p.m.

You could also enter without purchasing anything, but do you really think they will select a winner for something like this if you DON'T purchase something first?

If you still feel lucky to go THAT route, you can apply at with the date (mm/dd/yy) in the subject line and full name in the body of the email, according to fine print in the guidelines.

The McGold Card for this contest is actually a gold phone case that will have the winner's name engraved in it. 

Full Story & Credit: Erica Chayes Wida;; The McGold Card is real! Here's how to score free McDonald's for life

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