ONLY 83% of Men Pee In The Shower.


The Crash Morning Show pees in the shower, and some of us even pee on other people that are in the shower with us, we just won't mention who, but we're sure you can guess who.

A survey asked men what they do in the shower and it revealed quite a bit.

1.  83% of men pee in the shower. 

2.  50% sometimes get-it-on with themselves. 

3.  40% brush their teeth. 

4.  And 20% sometimes only wash their, quote, "important parts" and not their entire body. 

5. 1 in 3 Men DON'T shower before work.

Full Story & Credit: EMILIA MAZZA FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA;From brushing their teeth ONCE a day to only washing 'important bits' in the shower: The shocking bathroom and grooming habits of Australian men revealed

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