Police K9's Actions At Center Ice Perfectly Sum Up The Flyers Season 😂💩

Recently the Philadelphia Flyers hosted a police K-9 event to salute the police dogs and give them some good old fashioned scratches. HOWEVER, one of the dogs was there to make a statement by taking a HOT, STEAMY DUMP on the Flyers logo at center ice.

Could there be a better metaphor for that poor team right now? Like 11 straight loses, they've fired their coach and the BAD hockey just keeps coming. The only thing that would have made this better would have been a full house of 20,000 Flyer fans who could have used that laugh IN PERSON 😂😂

A tweet was shared updating the situation, in which the K-9's name is confirmed to be Dutch, from the Burlington City, New Jersey Police Department. The department jokingly tweeted that the dog is "a New York Rangers fan."

Enjoy the captures below.

photo: Getty images

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