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#FloridaMan Almost Hits Naked Trifecta Of Crimes

Florida was already ripe with #FloridaMan stories BEFORE the Coronavirus. Now it is clear people mental health is truly in jeopardy. THREE different stories today, 2 involve NAKED crimes committed.

1. Naked Man Arrested for Biting His Neighbor's Ear

The person who called police reported Isaiah Velez bit an elderly neighbor's ear and tried to stab him with broken glass, a news release said. When deputies responded, they saw Velez walking down the street without clothes.

When officers tried to speak with Velez, he attacked officers, who used tasers, police said. Officers suffered minor injuries, and Velez was medically cleared by Hillsborough County Fire rescue after they checked for injuries.

2.Woman, 48, Busted for Beating Up Beau; Told Police He Liked It 'Rough'

Floridian Marnie Faxon, 48, was busted yesterday for domestic battery following a confrontation Sunday with her boyfriend in the Treasure Island apartment the couple shares.

The 47-year-old victim showed police video of Faxon “grabbing his hair and pulling it backward while yelling at him.” A witness cited in the affidavit reported hearing the man “yelling to let his hair go or he would call the police.”

Faxon claimed her encounter with the victim was a “sexual thing,” and that “the victim liked ‘it rough.’” Faxon’s boyfriend told cops she was lying about the incident.

3.Naked Fla. Man Spends Entire Day in Empty School Causing $100K in Damages

photo: Hillsborough county sheriffs office

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