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Top 5 Nirvana-Kurt Cobain Moments You May Have Never Seen

As you may or may not know, Kurt passed away of April 5th 25 years ago. So many stories, side stories, lost performances & so much more are out there. We'll be looking back through a lot of them all day today here.

Here is the index for the MTV classic interview:

0:06 Kurt's stomach problems

3:19 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Music Video

5:29 'Come As You Are' Music Video

7:01 'Lithium' As A Concept Video

8:22 Tool's Music Video Being A Rip Off

9:06 The idea behind 'In Bloom'

12:09 "Sliver" Music Video

13:34 "Heart-Shaped Box" Music Video

15:58 Not making a video for "All Apologies"

17:09 "All Apologies" being the next single

18:02 The production on "Nevermind" & "In Utero"

21:16 Scott Litt as a producer

22:23 Writing credits

23:33 Frances Bean's effect on the band

25:06 Interpretation of lyrics

28:44 Michael Azerrad's interview & cover story

31:59 Finding it easer to sing and play the guitar

34:26 Pat Smear joining Nirvana

34:49 Bands from Seattle being pre-judged

36:00 William S. Burroughs collaboration

WatchMojo claims the last 5 minutes were never aired on television.

These are always just flat out fun. Listening to these kids hear something that is like nothing else out right now it pretty amazing.

Finally Dave waxing ecstatically about Kurt and his Nirvana days in the interview from last summer.

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