Billy Bass Will Now Connect To Alexa

The Big Mouth Billy Bass that you had in the 90s is making a comeback, and this time it's able to connect with your Alexa! Seriously, now besides just singing "Take Me To The River," your Billy Bass can - will connect to Amazon Alexa's voice assistant, and the lips will even move with Alexa's voice commands. 

The fish will also respond to weather questions, traffic, news, all of that, and it sings an original song called "Fishin Time."

It will be released on Dec 1 on Amazon for $39.99. As an added bonus, the company that made Big Mouth Billy Bass will launch a twerking Santa and Christmas Bear that will "shake a lil sumthin" to Amazon Music. It's also the same price as Billy and available now for pre-order. 

This is pretty much where it all started.