Science Says Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible


Do you ever wish you could time travel? It sounds like a movie plot, but a new paper published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity finds time travel is mathematically possible!

The paper describes a spacetime “bubble” that would travel faster than the speed of light – thereby allowing it to move backwards. The idea that an object can travel through time if it reaches the speed of light is based on Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity. But, in order to travel to the past, lead study author Ben Tippett says we'd need something that doesn't exist that he calls "exotic matter," which would be an enigmatic material capable of slowing down time by bending the spacetime continuum. 

Tippett's unsure if such a thing will ever exist. He adds, "Experts in my field have been exploring the possibility of mathematical time machines since 1949. And my research presents a new method for doing it."

Source: New York Post



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