Men Behind Anti-Asian Tirade In Delray Beach Won't Face Charges

Photo: AFP via Getty Images

No criminal charges will be filed against some men who were caught on video engaging in a racist tirade against a Delray Beach restaurant owner.

Louis Grayson, who is of Asian descent, posted video of the incident to social media. It shows the men, upset after Grayson asked them to eat their pizza elsewhere as workers were putting outside tables away at closing time, going off on a profanity-laced verbal attack.

It included use of the term "China flu," as one of the men told Grayson where he could "shove it." Another man calls the restauranteur a "Communist," while making obscene gestures.

Police say officers responded to the restaurant and spoke with two of the men. But no charges were filed after it was learned that "the complainant knocked a slice of pizza out of one of the suspects hand, making the situation a mutual disagreement between parties."

The video posted by Grayson does not show the actions referenced by a Public Information Manager for Delray Beach Police.

WARNING: The video below contains explicit language that may be disturbing to some viewers.

The Delray Beach Interim City Manager is coming to the aid of Grayson and his employees at Ramen Lab Eatery.

Here is a statement issued by Jennifer Alvarez on Tuesday:

The hatred, ugliness and disregard for common decency exhibited by these two men outside of Delray Beach’s Ramen Lab are the exact opposite of the core values of inclusivity and diversity that are at the heart of the Delray Beach community. As Delray Beach’s Interim City Manager I condemn their actions and language, reject their hatred, and stand in support of Ramen Lab’s staff, who exhibited grace during a stressful, and potentially dangerous, situation.

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