Rebekah Jones Will Turn Self In To Face Charges from State of Florida

TALLAHASSEE -- The data scientist fired by the state says she's turning herself in to state authorities Sunday to face an arrest warrant related to material FDLE agents found on her computer, seized when agents raided her house.

Jones was fired by the state for making public remarks about COVID-19 data, then started her own dashboard of state COVID 19 statistics, which was independent of the state and has displayed numbers that differ from Florida's.

She posted on her Twitter feed Saturday that she's being charged with a crime that's not under the scope of the original warrant, which involved a message that was sent out over the state's emergency notification network. Jones says agents tell her lawyer she "received/downloaded" documents by the state that she shouldn't have had, but didn't offer specifics.

In an indication that she may be going offline, Jones said a condition of bail may be that she stay off the internet.

Jones called "saying goodbye to my family" the hardest thing she's done in her life.

So far, FDLE has not issued a response to Jones' posts.

Photo: Getty Images