Trump Campaign Adviser Says The President Will Be Back In Florida Soon

After spending a couple of days in Florida, an adviser for the Trump 2020 campaign says the president will be back frequently between now and election day.

Mercedes Schlapp says Trump has massive support in our state.

"I was on the Women for Trump bus tour in Florida. It was absolutely remarkable the amount of enthusiasm, the amount of people who came out, especially in South Florida."

A day after Pres. Trump hosted a roundtable with Latinos in Miami, Schlapp, a second-generation Cuban-American who was born and raised in Miami, says he is gaining more votes with Hispanics everyday.

"We've made tremendous enroads with the Latino community. I think the Latinos view this as an economic prosperity and opporunity message."

Schlapp cites the record of the Obama-Biden administration.

"It was an appeasement policy towards these dictators and so that I think, especially for the Venezuelans, Cubans (among those with backgrounds from other countries) they understand that that's not the direction that we need to go to."

Her father was a political prisoner in Cuba.

Photo: Getty Images