Dems To FL Gov: Wait On Corp. Tax Refunds

In one week more than a billion dollars worth of corporate tax refunds are set to start heading out to Florida businesses.

Orlando Rep Carlos Guillermo Smith believes giving half of it to the top 1% of Florida corporations won't help grow jobs or the economy.

Smith and other Democratic state lawmakers are asking the Governor to at least delay the release the checks to see if the money would be better given to the unemployment or bridge loan programs.

Some democratic state lawmakers are calling on the Governor to stop the billion dollars worth of corporate tax refunds set to start going out on April 15th.

South Miami Rep. Javier Fernandez says the state usually collects between $26 and $30-billion in sales tax a year.

Orlando Rep. Anna Eskamani says small businesses have no relief in sight.

Lawmakers are planning to return to Tallahassee to address the budget hole created by the pandemic.

They think the refunds could be better used to help small businesses and the unemployed.

Photo by: Getty Images, E+

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