Spring Breakers Fight Back Against Gunman At Florida Gas Station

Four spring breakers from Indiana received the surprise of a lifetime- and not a good one: a man with a gun walked up to them, demanding their money and belongings.

It happened Sunday morning at a Mobile gas station in Oakland Park, Florida. In the surveillance video below, rather than giving up the goods, the spring breakers attempt to wrestle the gun from the man, and ultimately begin wrestling on the ground before stripping the gun away from the attacker. 

As the spring breakers proceed to fight off the gunman, a second man who Broward Sheriff has identified as Kevin Campbell runs up and starts to help the gunman by pushing the men off the attacker.

Campbell, the driver of the getaway car, was later arrested and charged with Robbery with a Firearm, False Identification Given To A Law Enforcement Officer, and Resisting an officer.

A search for the attacker is still ongoing. 

According to Police, the Spring Breakers were lucky as the gun WAS LOADED.

Source: RTV6

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