Guy Tries to Woo Lady by Posing as CIA, Pretends She's Targeted by ISIS

Source: Newsweek

Today's Superstar of Florida or Not Florida was bit by the Love Bug. Not the pesky ones that will be covering our vehicles any day now, but the theoretical kind. 25-year-old Ryan Houghtalen recently met a woman at church that he wanted to date.

Rather then asking her out, he concocted an elaborate plan to capture her heart.

The plan: tell her he's a CIA Agent (which he's not), his life was in danger as ISIS was after him, and because she knows him, ISIS is now after her and she's in danger too.

He went as far as creating a fake CIA badge and instructed her to stop talking to people, to stay home, and for the love of Ricky Bobby, NOT call the police. (I added in that Ricky Bobby part- seemed fitting.)

Anywho, he told her that if she did call police, she'd be seriously injured or killed. And she believed him! But things must have gotten squirrelly as she eventually went to the cops.

Police arrested him on Monday. He's facing charges for criminal impersonation of a public servant. 

So tell us, was this Florida, or Not Florida???



And crazier yet, his real job is pretty cool. He is/ was a drone camera operator for the Air National Guard. 

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