Steven Tyler Opens "Janie's House" - Homes For Abused Girls

I love everything about this <3

While Aerosmith has had a history of connecting with millions around the world through music, little did you know that many have been doing the same with letters to Steven Tyler.

One of Aerosmith's hit songs, "Janie's Got A Gun" is about a girl who is looking for revenge on her abusive father.

While to some it's just another song on the radio, for others, it's story that they've lived. Lyrics that brings them back to a time they'd rather forget. Perhaps even a moment that they wish might have played out.

Over the years, Steven Tyler has received thousands of letters from girls who have opened up and shared their stories of abuse with him. And now, Steven is sharing something else.

Steven is behind a project called, "Janie's House". It's a safe place for abused girls to live and receive therapy. This project has opened two homes in America- one in Atlanta, and the newest in Tennessee.

He also has a charity called, " Janie's Fund " which helps abused and neglected girls.

\m/ Way to go, Steven Tyler! \m/

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