10-Year-Old Kid Won a Science Fair By Proving Tom Brady is a Cheater

Ace Davis, a 10-year-old kid from Lexington, Kentucky, created a science fair project to prove that Tom Brady is a cheater.

In order to prove that underinflated balls gave Brady a competitive advantage, he, his mom and his sister threw footballs of varying inflation levels. 

And they found that the underinflated balls traveled the farthest.

Ace WON the science fair, and now he's headed to a district competition.

In case you can't tell, Ace is NOT a Brady fan.  When asked how he came up with the idea, he said, quote, "Because I hate Tom Brady.  He's been accused of cheating before, I wanthim to be caught." 

And when asked what he'd say to Brady if he met him, he said, quote, "Gimme some of your money, you don't deserve it."

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