Guy Stabs His Friend After Their Pants Exchange Doesn't Go Well

37-year-old  Jarred Womack was with a friend on Tuesday in Boulder, Colorado, and they agreed to exchange two pairs of pants they had.  One pair for the other pair, so Jarred could look good for an appointment.


Unfortunately, Jarred decided he didn't like the pair he got . . . and dealt with it by pulling out a knife and stabbing his friend in the back.



It's not clear if the pants didn't fit, or what.  But one report says they were stained on the inside, if you know what I mean.



Jarred's friend was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, and we haven't seen an update on his condition yet.



Police caught up with Jarred at an Eddie Bauer store down the street, where he was attempting to steal a NEW pair of pants.



Turns out he has a long rap sheet and did nine months for assault in 2009.  He's facing charges for first degree assault, robbery, and theft. 

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