Web Poll: Is the Pillory an option for Florida?

We do a radio segment called Florida or Not Florida at 7:40 each morning on 98ROCK. When are preparing for the segment we always have several options as to which “Super Star” to go with. Like the dumbass who tried to steal the bike chained to the bike rack right in front of the police station or the girl who wrecked her car doing the bird box challenge. During the segment listeners have to decide if it’s FLORIDA or NOT FLORIDA. I’m from Florida and it’s embarrassing when “The Super Star” is from the sunshine state. If there were an option for a Judge to sentence a healthy qualifying adult to something that replaced jail time with the equivalent public embarrassment would you be open to voting for it?

My fellow Floridians! Please hear my proposal to bring back The Public Stockade (pictured below) aka The Pillory!!! The embarrassment of being put on display in a centralized state owned common area with your neck and hands secured in a Pillory made of the finest Florida Oak should make you take that extra minute before you put on a blindfold while driving a vehicle. The thought of a parent bringing their kids to see who is on display today might prevent you from stealing someone’s Rolex’s and hiding them where the sun don’t shine. (It happened) checkout this example from "A tale of two cities" 

Sex offenders, domestic violence and repeat drunk driving offenders would top the list but under my proposal the judge would have the option of sentencing any qualifying dumb ass to unthinkable embarrassment not to mention immortalize them on the internet forever. I reserve the right to add the hurling of expired food toward the offender to the proposal as well but let’s put this idea to its first test. You and my web poll.


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