Guy Got Into a High Speed Police Chase to Fulfill His "Lifelong Dream"

Today's Superstar of Florida or Not Florida had the need...

24-year-old Dejuane Wilson was driving Wednesday morning, when the need for speed took over.He realized he was in a construction zone and GUNNED IT!!!The cops tried to pull him over, but Dejuane took off.He  wound up leading them on a high-speed chase through three counties.  At one point, the cops clocked him at 130 miles-per-hour! After about 35 miles, the cops managed to box him in so he had to pull over on the shoulder.

And when they arrested him, he told them he did it because it was his, quote, "lifelong dream to run from the police."

He's been charged with eluding so far, but more charges are probably coming. So tell us, was this Florida, Or Not Florida?


Wakefield, Virginia

And his pic after getting out of the car is PRICELESS!!!!

He's so happy!!!

The video below is NOT from that 3 county high speed chase, but a recent one in LA involving suspected robbers...

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