FOOD NEWS: Free Billboard Cheese, McDonald's Bacon Fries & Pizza Fork

Lots of new yum options popping up today, including free Taco Bell billboard cheese. Say what????

There's a Kickstarter going right now for an invention called the PIZZA FORK.  It's a pizza cutter with a fork on the end.  If you want one, you can  pledge $10 or get four of them for $25.

Taco Bell is erecting a billboard that dispenses unlimited, free, nacho cheese.

On January 19th, a billboard in downtown Toronto will go up, dispensing free, unlimited nacho cheese.

They won't be providing anything for you to put the cheese on, so you have to bring your own chips.

McDonald's new bacon cheese fries are officially coming out on the  30th.  And they're also putting bacon on Big Macs and Quarter Pounders.

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