My Personal Mount Rushmore of Guitarist!

So this whole conversation came when we saw that Jimmy Turned 75 years old. I pondered whether this legendary Elite musician was on my “Mount Rushmore” of Guitar Players.Obviously there are only 4 spots to fill and that’s why the Mount Rushmore question is so fun. It makes you really think, qualify and discriminate based on what faces should be there and your personal favorites. 

That being said two names cane up right off the bat.Jimi Hendrix and Eddy Van Halen.Most people I’ve discussed this with have both of them on their Mount Rushmore as well. After that the bottleneck of Elite talent is deep and wide. Here’s my PERSONAL FAVORITES bottleneck for final two spots.

 John Fruscianti/RHCP

Dave Navarro/Janes Addiciton

Tom Morello/RATM and Audioslave

The Edge/U2

Adam Jones/Tool

Dime Bag/Pantera 

Eric Clapton

The list could be longer but let’s cut to the chase and name the final two faces.

My 3rd face won’t be on anyone’s list but The Cults Billy Duff has it all. His stylish persona, Stage Presence and overall ability have had me rocking from the first time I heard “Rain” from the Love Album but I think it was the album Electric where he really blew me away from the first track on....

The Final face on my Mt Rushmore may not be on many lists either but make no mistake Prince is arguably one the best guitarist ever! His talent was showcased to the highest level when he performed with some of biggest guitar legends ever during a Rock Hall Performance. Check out the vid as the other players just let the Purple one take over the stage.

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