Instant Karma: Mugger Attacks Senior, Senior Is 5x World Kickboxing Champp

This was today's Florida Or Not Florida: A beautiful cup of Instant Karma.

68 Year-Old Steven Shephard was limping to his car (he had previously pulled a muscle) when a mugger hit him over the head with a bottle and demanded, "give me your f*cking phone."

This is when karma kicks-in.
Turns out Steven is a FIVE-TIME WORLD KICKBOXING CHAMPION! And, he's training to become the oldest Professional Fighter, with a fight scheduled in March.

So when the waste of space mugger demanded Steven's phone, any ideas what happened next?

Steven threw a right cross to the mugger's head, and then a hook to his ribs. Bystanders then intervened, but the mugger got away.

Apparently the mugger had canvassed the area for hours looking for a victim. When he saw Steven walking out with a limp, he pounced.

As you can see from the video clip below, this was FLORIDA.- West Palm Beach.

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