Man Tries to Sneak a Machete Into Jail by Hiding It Under His Fat Roll

Today's Superstar of Florida or Not Florida involves 30-year-old Freddrick Johnson. Freddrick was arrested for trespassing at a Greyhound bus station on Sunday. Turns out he has a history of pleasuring himself in public and was banned from the station.

Anyway, police patted him down, found several bags of what appeared to be drugs, and took him to jail.

They searched him again while he was being booked, and felt a, quote, "semi-erect object" protruding from his left side, just above his groin.

They originally assumed it was the only semi-erect thing you'd typically find down there, but then they felt something else poking out from the other side of his lower belly. That's when they strip-searched him, lifted up a large fat roll, and pulled out a TWO-FOOT MACHETE he was trying to smuggle in. Video below is not Freddrick, but of another man hiding a gun in his fat fold.

On top of his other charges, he's now facing more time for trying to sneak contraband into a prison.

So tell us, was this Florida, or Not Florida???

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