$25 fine for smoking on FL beaches fair?(WEB POLL)

Ok follow me on this. Senate Bill 218 was just filed by Republican Senator John Gruters Tuesday. If the legislation passes people caught smoking tobacco on public beaches would be given $25 citations or more than 10 hours of community service!  I’m not a “tobacco” smoker and I despise the smell of “tobacco" smoke but for some reason I feel awful for those of you strung out these little stink sticks. Does it seem like your being picked on for a weakness? Is it fair? Hmm well the answer to me unfortunately is yes. 

Not because of the stinky smoke..I mean it’s an open area. How much can it really bother people right?  How about the butts? Who do they think picks up the Butts?? A little Tobacco fairy? I’ve seen people including friends of mine just toss them on the ground not only at beaches but Intersections...pretty much everywhere. That’s why I would support this bill. 

BUT Here’s what I would change. I would require offenders to pick up 1000 cigarette butts and wear a T-shirt that says Butt fairy. The shirt would have little screen printed fairy wings on the back. They would pay for the shirt as well.  It's gross and you are a tool if you do it. That is all.

Hit the web poll and check out the calls from this morning!




We share ideas on the proposed FL beaches smoking ban!

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