Porch Pirate Gets Busted Stealing Box with Dog Food and Urine-Testing Kit

Today's Superstar of Florida Or Not Florida involves Porch Piracy.

This past weekend, 27-year-old Andrew Felix was caught on camera taking several boxes off people's porches. Despite the women's clothing, gym shorts and dog food that was in those boxes, it was the 4th item that catapulted him to Superstar status.

The 4th item was a half-gallon jug used for testing URINE.

The urine jug was part of a testing kit someone ordered to see if they can donate a kidney to their cousin.  So now the cousin has to wait even longer to see if they're a match.

This guy was a serial porch pirate, and thankfully, at least two people's doorbell cameras captured clear shots of his face, so police were able to arrest him the next day.

So tell us, was this Florida, Or Not Florida?


That's some Cincinnati/ WEBN listener type shenanigans. ;) 

An unreleated video, but further proof of how much of a d!ck move it is to steal packages off people's porches/ doors/ etc, here's porch pirates stealing a boy's life-saving medication.

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