Woman Demands Cops Run DNA Tests to Find Out What Roommate Ate Her Yogurt

Boy does it suck when you've been thinking alllllllllll day about that one glorious food item in your fridge, only to come home and find out that someone else ate it.

Well today's Superstar of Florida Or Not Florida went through that very same scenario this past week.

This woman is a college student, and when she opened the fridge with her mouth salivating, she discovered that one of her five roomates ate her YOGURT.  

Even though the yogurt costs less than $2, she was steaming, and demanded a DNA test.

And the cops came through.

It cost more than $500 to test all of the roommates and the empty yogurt container, but the process worked and the cops figured out which roommate stole the yogurt, and now she's been charged with theft. 

So tell us, was this Florida, Or Not Florida????


Taipei, Taiwan

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