Man w/ Last Name "Bates" Busted For Exposing Himself & Doing Nasty Things

Today's Superstar of Florida or Not Florida involves a man who may be the victim of an unfortunate name. He's certainly living up to it...
47-year-old Brian "Master" Bates was at a doctor's office when he started feeling frisky and began EXPOSING HIMSELF to different people.

Cops were called, and when they got there, they discovered Bates naked in the bathroom, with the door wide open, and doing something VERY unholy with the toilet brush.

Lets just say you couldn't see where he'd stuck the handle.


Bates was arrested for open lewdness. It's actually the fourth time he's been arrested on that charge in the past two decades. 

 So tell me, was this Florida, Or Not Florida????


Paramus, New Jersey

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