Guy Seduces Coworker by Covering Himself in Maple Syrup. Things Get Sticky.

52-year-old Robert Somley is a landscaper. One day, he and a 48-year-old female coworker were on the job when he said he needed a break. 

About 20 minutes later, she went inside and found him naked, watching porn, covered in MAPLE SYRUP.

She thought that was hot and demanded she be allowed to join in.  

According to the police report, they partook in some foreplay with the syrup, and even added in some blueberry jelly.

What the woman didn't know was that he was recording it all on his phone. Without her permission.

When she found out, she went to the cops, they got a search warrant for his Robert's phone, found the videos, and arrested him for voyeurism. 

 Talk about a sticky situation.

Was this Florida Or Not Florida?

NOT Florida.

Monroe, Connecticut.

Unrelated video of another sticky situation: a man pouring maple syrup on a police car below.

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